Success Stories

Success Stories

From Accounting to Impact: Bianca's Inspiring Salesforce Journey

Listen to Bianca’s amazing story of going from Accidental Admin to Salesforce Certified Administrator.

Spoiler Alert: Pokemon is involved!

Read Bianca’s Story: Click Here

Bianca - Accident Admin Success Story
Jennifer Salesforce Success Story 1

Jennifer Ndlovu: From Cleaning Hospital Floors to Transforming Lives

In a world where perseverance and determination often go unnoticed, Jennifer Ndlovu’s story stands out as a source of inspiration.

See how Jennifer transformed her life from cleaning hospital floors to become a Salesforce Administrator: Click Here

Tammie Search: From Call Center Blues to Course Success

Do you hate your job? Do you feel stuck? You are not alone, hear how Tammie made the decision to transition in Salesforce and become a Salesforce Administrator.

Read Tammie’s Story: Click Here

Tammie Salesforce Success Story 1

Seth Minton: The Trailblazing Teen of Salesforce

Could you pass your Salesforce Administrator Certification at the age of 16? While also taking your GCSE’s?

Seth did, read his Story: Click Here

Tanya Krawford: An Inspirational and Motivating Story

Could you pass your Salesforce Admin Certification if you were registered blind? The amazing Tanya Krawford chats to Get Force Certified about how we helped her boost her confidence and have ‘Ah-Ha’ moments.

Read Tanya’s Story: Click Here

Tanya Krawford Success Story