Tammie Search: From Call Center Blues to Salesforce Success

Tammie's Journey: From Call Center Blues to Course Success

Tammie Search

From hating her job and feeling stuck...

Tammie, a devoted mother of two, spent nearly two decades working in customer service, with the last 18 years at a large bank’s call center. Despite her extensive experience, Tammie found herself dreading her job, feeling stuck and unhappy. The monotony and lack of fulfilment began to take a toll on her, making her realise that no one should face the dread of going to work every day.

Tammie Search shares her story with us today – which is inspiring. She is currently in the final few weeks of The Admin Academy

Discovering Salesforce and Getting Certified

A conversation with her old friend Tracy sparked Tammie’s interest in a new direction. Tracy introduced her to Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform. Intrigued by the possibilities, Tammie dove into learning about Salesforce, appreciating its engaging and accessible approach. This initial interest led her to discover the Get Force Certified Academy, where she saw an opportunity to change her career path. Later that month Tracy met Dave from Get Force Certified and connected the two, Tammie said that she instantly knew that she wanted to be on the course as it just made everything click for her.

Joining the Academy and the Experience

Tammy applied for the Academy, impressed by its structured learning approach and the supportive community it promised. From the get-go, she was pushed out of her comfort zone, attending rigorous weekly sessions that combined intense learning with practical projects. The Academy not only taught her the technical skills required to use Salesforce but also provided real-world scenarios that made the learning stick. Tammy found herself collaborating with fellow students, building hands-on projects, and gaining a deeper understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Speaking about the course instructor, Dave Massey she said:

“He seems to know everything about Salesforce. It feels like there’s nothing he doesn’t understand about the platform. I’ll be finishing the course in a couple of weeks and then taking my administrator exam. I’ve learned various study techniques and exam strategies, and I have access to all the on-demand videos and recorded sessions to review.”

Looking Ahead and Recommendations

Now, as Tammie nears the end of her 13-week Academy journey, she feels well-prepared to take her Salesforce Administrator certification exam. Reflecting on her transformation, Tammie said:

“For anyone thinking of doing the academy course, I would say: absolutely 100% go for it. Collaborating with people in the academy has been a fantastic experience. Dave is always available to answer questions, even though we probably bombard him with emails about different tasks. He doesn’t make it easy, but he pushes us to get hands-on, learn, and share what we’ve learned, which has been incredibly beneficial.

Tammie and Dave at London World Tour

At the beginning of every lesson, while we wait in the Zoom waiting room, Dave plays music. He even asked us to send him a list of our favorite motivational songs, so there’s always a wide variety playing. This simple touch sets a positive and energized tone for the sessions. Dave also explained in one of his free on-demand courses how to get in the right frame of mind to study, which I found very helpful. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he always has a smile on his face. If you don’t understand something, he’ll explain it in a different way until you do.

You’ll gain the confidence to succeed and collaborate with people you might never have met otherwise. I initially thought I could never learn all this in just 13 weeks, but now, as I near the end of the course, I realize how much I’ve grown. I’ll miss the weekly meetings and learning sessions, but I believe this is just the start of something big.
We plan to stay in contact with our fellow academy members and follow each other’s journeys. Everyone is excited to take their exam and use the skills we’ve learned to advance our careers. If you’re considering joining the academy, take the leap—you won’t regret it”

How To Become A Salesforce Administrator

If you want to change your career and become a Salesforce Admin, we can help you get there. We’ve trained over 30,000 people across the world, and we would love to hear what you want to do next and how we can support you!

Take a look at our Admin Academy Course. It is a live training course that Tammie did with us as mentioned in her testimonial, with weekly classes with Dave Massey, you will learn from someone who has been in your shoes and changed his own career from travel agent to successful Salesforce professional, working at Salesforce and consultancies.

We are certain that you will enjoy learning from the best Salesforce teacher, and being in a class with great people like Tammie. We will be taking new students on a new course in a few months, and you can join the waitlist here.

Get Force Certified has trained over 30,000 people to become Salesforce Admins, and we hear from you all the time how people have left jobs they hate to do something meaningful with their careers using Salesforce as the vehicle for change.

When you’re thinking about the fastest route to passing your Salesforce Admin Exam it’s important to ensure that you are able to learn in a way that is right for you, and enables you to do your best work, getting hands on with the platform, having projects to do.