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At Get Force Certified, we want to help you achieve your Salesforce Certification quickly, easily, and effectively so you can level up your career, earn more money, open up more opportunities, and have a better work/life balance

Discovering Salesforce and becoming Salesforce Certified completely changed my life; I want to help others change theirs!

We provide you with the most engaging, comprehensive and up-to date learning material taking advantage of cutting edge technology to improve your knowledge comprehension, retention, and recall.

Meet Dave - the founder of Get Force Certified

10 x Certified Salesforce Professional (Certifications: Associate, Administrator, Business Analyst, Platform App Builder, UX Designer, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Field Service and CPQ)

“Hello and thank you for reading my Bio!

Prior to March 2020 I never knew what Salesforce was, I’d been working in Sales and Service for the last decade or so in a number of roles. Since 2007 I had been working in Travel as a Tour Operator (a posh Travel Agent!) and when the Covid pandemic hit I quickly found myself struggling. Seemingly overnight I lost 6 months’ worth of commission and any future commission was put on hold, this meant that I had to try and support my family on minimum wage. It’s pretty difficult when you have a wife, 2 children, and a dog that eats a huge amount!

I reached out to a friend who suggested that I take a look at Salesforce, I told him that it wasn’t for me. I have no IT experience, have no IT degree, in fact, I have no degree at all! How could someone like me forge a career in the high-tech world of Salesforce. Regardless, I took a look at Trailhead one night, and I was hooked. I couldn’t believe what Salesforce was capable of and how much it would have helped me in my previous roles!

51 days later in May 2020 I sat and passed the Salesforce Administrator Certification on my first attempt, 4 weeks later I did the same with the Platform App Builder Certification and in July I landed my first Salesforce role as a Junior Consultant for a small consultancy based in Leeds – Art of Cloud. Through the next 6 months, I studied and passed 5 more Certifications (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, CPQ, and Field Service), it was a bit of a crazy 6 months!

Fast forward 24 months later to May 2022, and I landed my dream role of a Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce UK and Ireland! If I was able to go from knowing nothing about Salesforce to becoming a Lead Solution Engineer for Salesforce then anyone can. 

During my time at Salesforce, I discovered my true passing and calling – training others to forge a career in the Salesforce Ecosystem. And in April 2023 I decided to pursue my passion and I set up Get Force Certified to help others develop key Salesforce skills, study and pass Salesforce Certifications, and craft a better work-life balance.

Salesforce and the Salesforce Ecosystem completely changed my life. I went from working most holidays and weekends, missing key moments in my children’s lives, and feeling like I was living to work to having a fantastic life. I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you the impact that Salesforce can have on your life.

I get to spend more time with my family, don’t work long hours doing something I hate, and yes, the money is much better too!

I want others to have the chance to change their life like I have. 

And that’s why I set up Get Force Certified, I want to help others achieve what I have and more! I want to provide you with everything you need, all the information, tools, tricks, and guidance to help you take your life and career to the next level!”