From Accounting to Impact: Bianca’s Inspiring Salesforce Journey

How Bianca Arentz Transformed Her Career with Salesforce: A Journey from Accounting to Impact

In our latest edition of the ‘Extraordinary Alumni of GFC’ series, we are thrilled to spotlight Bianca Arentz, a remarkable member of 2024’s Get Force Certified Salesforce Admin Academy. Bianca’s story is one of perseverance, passion, and profound impact. Her journey with Salesforce shows how determination and the proper support can lead to incredible achievements.

Meet Bianca, a passionate, creative, artistic trailblazer passionate about Salesforce.

Bianca Arentz lives in a cosy homestead in the California mountains, surrounded by rolling mountains, cows and sheep as far as the eye can see. With a background in accounting and a deep passion for art, she never envisioned herself in the tech world. Yet, Bianca’s transition to Salesforce has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Before Salesforce, Bianca Arentz had been immersed in the world of accounting since she was 18, a career she took on to support her passion for art. “It was that ‘starving artist type’ doing a job to follow my passion,” she explains, referring to the need for a stable job to fund her creative pursuits. Bianca holds a degree in art but found herself continuing in accounting because of its security. For 14 years, she balanced her professional life with her artistic endeavours, unaware of Salesforce until six years ago when her last job introduced the platform for sales and marketing. When the company went through a reorganisation and lost its Salesforce admin, Bianca, who often volunteers to fill gaps within her team, stepped up. “I thought, how hard can it be?” she recalls. Over the next three years, she worked as an accidental Salesforce admin, learning on the job. Despite completing the Trailhead training, she felt lost until she joined Dave’s Academy, which transformed her understanding and confidence in Salesforce.

The ‘Accidental’ Salesforce Admin: It's Great to meet you today, Bianca! So, tell us you put your hand up to work with Salesforce. Can you share a bit more about that?

“I was initially an accountant, helping a colleague who was going on maternity leave. Intrigued by Salesforce and its customisation, which reminded me of MySpace profiles, I volunteered to fill the role, becoming an accidental admin, thinking, ‘How hard can it be?’ I learned on the job for the next three years, taking on more responsibilities. Despite my efforts, I often felt lost until I joined Dave’s Academy, which completely transformed my understanding and confidence in Salesforce. I just jumped in and started playing around. My willingness to step up and learn something new turned a temporary solution into a fulfilling career path. It proves that sometimes the best opportunities come when you least expect them.”

Bianca, it would be wonderful if you could share how you’ve found the Get Force Certified Admin Academy. I know you shared that you’ve done a lot of other courses.

“Dave is genuinely what makes everything so much better within learning Salesforce. He’s just a character. He makes the information you’re taking in so much more fun. Previously, I have done Trailhead, webinars, and online courses with other Salesforce Trainers, but Get Force Certified was the only course that allowed me to learn Salesforce thoroughly.

Whether it’s on Udemy, YouTube, or his Get Force Certified website, his teaching style is unmatched, so I decided to do my Salesforce admin training through the 1-2-1 learning live with him. During our academy sessions, he’d use music, real-life scenarios, and even Pokémon analogies to make complex concepts understandable. He’s always available for questions, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I remember one class where he explained workflows and process builders using Pokémon Evolutions—it made everything click for me. His approach goes beyond traditional learning; it’s engaging and interactive. Whenever someone asks me how I transitioned from accounting to being successful in Salesforce, my answer is always the same: Dave. One instructor can change your life, and for me, that’s him.”

Bianca - Accident Admin Success Story
Bianca - Accident Admin Success Story 2

What are some of the best parts of how Dave has structured the Admin Academy for you?

“Dave’s Academy was a game-changer for me,” says Bianca. “The quizzes, practical projects, and group learning were beneficial. The interactive live quizzes made learning fun and helped reinforce the material. The practical side of the course allowed me to apply what I learned to real-world scenarios, which was crucial for my understanding and helped me feel confident and use my Salesforce skills in a real-life setting. The group learning fostered a supportive community where we could bounce ideas off each other and collaborate. Sometimes, some of the other students and I would have study sessions and share learning from all over the world, which was so cool; we became friends, and we hoped to stay in touch and follow each other’s journeys. This comprehensive approach made all the difference in my Salesforce journey.”

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the Admin Academy?

“For anyone thinking about doing the Admin Academy, I wholeheartedly recommend it,” says Bianca. “The experience is transformative. The support, the interactive learning, and the practical projects give you the confidence and skills you need to succeed. Don’t hesitate—this course can truly change your life and career just like it did for me, and I am so happy to announce that two weeks after finishing the Admin Academy, I passed my exam with flying colours, which I am so proud of! I am a Certified Salesforce Administrator! Thank you to Dave for putting so much energy into the courses; it made the entire learning process so much fun!”

Here is an update on Bianca since we interviewed her

We are thrilled to announce that Bianca passed her Salesforce Administrator exam with flying colours last week. Well done, Bianca!

Bianca shared:

“Thank you so much, Dave. I have passed my admin exam, and that’s because of your amazing training; the best parts of the Admin Academy were the engaging teaching methods, the interactive quizzes, and the supportive community,” says Bianca. Your unique approach to music, real-life scenarios, and fun analogies made learning enjoyable and effective. You were always available on Slack email and incredibly approachable, genuinely caring about each student’s progress. The practical projects we built in class allowed me to apply my knowledge, and the group learning created a network of peers who supported and learned from each other. I’ve made lifelong friends through this course. These elements made my experience unforgettable and incredibly rewarding. Thank you so much!”

The Get Force Certified Team wants to thank Bianca for telling her story of how she passed her Salesforce Admin Certification using the Admin Academy course. It’s hugely inspiring, wouldn’t you say? What a story of determination to be the best you can be in the Salesforce ecosystem. We are so proud of you, Bianca!

For more information on the Admin Academy run by our Founder, Dave Massey, click here to see when the next one is. We would love to help more people find their dream career in Salesforce, build their confidence, and do amazing things.