From Cleaning Hospital Floors to Transforming Lives: Jennifer Ndlovu’s Journey to Becoming a Salesforce Administrator

How To Train as A Salesforce Administrator.

From Cleaning Hospital Floors to Transforming Lives: Jennifer Ndlovu's Journey to Becoming a Salesforce Administrator.

In a world where perseverance and determination often go unnoticed, Jennifer Ndlovu’s story stands out as a source of inspiration. From humble beginnings as a hospital cleaner in lockdown to help her local hospital fight the battle against Covid, Jennifer’s journey to becoming a Salesforce Administrator is a testament to the power of resilience, the pursuit of knowledge, and the transformative potential of the human spirit.

Jennifer’s story begins in Zimbabwe, where she worked tirelessly as a cleaner during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite holding a degree in marketing from one of Zimbabwe’s top universities, Jennifer found herself unable to secure a job in her field. Instead, she managed her family’s business for several years before taking on various odd jobs, including driving for a nonprofit organisation. It was during this period, while working 220 kilometres away from her family, that Jennifer realised she needed to make a significant change to improve her life and reconnect with her loved ones.

Salesforce Training To Become An Administrator

A chance encounter at a work conference introduced Jennifer to the world of Salesforce. Encouraged by a colleague’s brother, she began to explore the possibilities of this new career path. Despite initial setbacks and a lack of local resources, Jennifer’s unwavering determination led her to discover online communities and training programs that would become instrumental in her journey.

Jennifer immersed herself in learning, joining international Salesforce community groups and participating in online meetings. Her dedication paid off when she discovered David Massey’s “Get Certified” course. This course, along with practice exams and other study materials, became the cornerstone of her preparation. Balancing her job as a driver, she would listen to training videos while on the road and study late into the night, often using borrowed equipment and mobile data to access the necessary resources.

Within a remarkable one-month period, Jennifer’s hard work and determination culminated in her passing the Salesforce Administrator certification exam. Her success was not just a personal victory but also a source of inspiration for many others in her community and beyond. Jennifer began mentoring fellow aspiring Salesforce professionals, sharing her study strategies and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

Today, Jennifer’s life has been transformed. She is not only able to work from home and spend quality time with her family, but she also actively contributes to the Salesforce ecosystem by leading community groups and mentoring others. Her story is a powerful reminder that with passion, dedication, and the right support, it is possible to overcome even the most daunting obstacles and achieve extraordinary success.

Watch the full interview here if you’d like to be inspired, and reach out to Jennifer here on LinkedIn to learn more from her, and connect on all things Salesforce.

How To Become A Salesforce Administrator

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