April ’24 Letter

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Thanks for taking the time to tune into our very first Monthly Newsletter, where we will cover everything from new updates to upcoming events! This month, we are going to touch on: The latest from us, an inspiring Success Story from a member of GFC, our Top Blogs that we think you will enjoy, and some Top Tips of the Month.

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Tanya Krawford Success Story

Success Stories

This month, the inspiring Tanya Krawford opened up about her experiences as a visually impaired woman studying Salesforce. Her remarkable journey with GFC is truly motivating for people looking to jumpstart their career.

We urge you to read this amazing story:

Blog: What is Salesforce

In this Blog, I uncover what Salesforce is, to help beginners grasp an initial understanding before they dive into their learning, and to give people who may be curious an insight into the world of Salesforce. If you would like to read, click the button below:

What is... Salesforce
Salesforce Careers

Blog: Careers in Salesforce

In this Blog, I discuss all the amazing career opportunities Salesforce presents you with, so you don’t lose sight of your end goal and forget why you started studying for your Certification in the first place! If you would like to read, click the button below:

Dave’s 3 Favourite Flow Features of Summer 24!

This month, Dave has been playing around with the Summer ’24 release, focusing around the enhancements to Flows. He has wrote a blog to tell you his 3 Favourite Flow Features that he believes will take your Flow game to the next level. If you would like to read it click the button below:

Dave Three Favourites Flow Features of Summer 24

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