Salesforce Careers: The Opportunities a Certification Grants You

Salesforce Careers

Opportunities, Earnings, and Pathways

Getting certified can be a struggle, especially when you lose sight of why you are studying for it… Getting Certified leaves you with an array of job opportunities with highly rewarding salaries. Whether you’re an experienced professional seeking a new challenge or a newcomer who wants to enter the tech industry, Salesforce provides you with a chance to take your career up a notch. Let’s delve into some of the key job roles in Salesforce, highlighting their responsibilities, potential salaries, and the necessary certifications you need to get the role.

1. Salesforce Administrator

Description: The backbone of any Salesforce implementation, administrators ensure the platform runs smoothly and meets user needs. They handle basic maintenance, manage security, customise the platform, and train users by assisting them in troubleshooting issues related to Salesforce functionality, data and system performance.

Average Salary: $90,000 – $147,000 per year in US Dollars and £33,000 – £69,000 in British Pounds

Certification Required: The Salesforce Certified Administrator credential is an excellent starting point. It covers the essentials of the platform, user management, and basic customisations. To further your knowledge, you could go for the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification or Platform App Builder Certification.

2. Salesforce Developer

Description: If you like solving puzzles and building solutions, the Salesforce Developer role is your match. Developers write and maintain complex code on the platform to customise applications, features and integrations within the Salesforce platform. They fulfil tasks such as unit testing, building applications and coding.

Average Salary: $110,000 – $150,000 per year in US Dollars and £50,000 – £108,000 in British Pounds

Certification Required: Candidates should aim for the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I certification, which focuses on Apex and Visualforce, the key programming languages used in Salesforce. To level up from that, there is Salesforce Platform Developer II certification that requires your Platform Developer I certification to complete it.

3. Salesforce Architect

Description: Architects are the visionaries who design scalable and effective Salesforce solutions that align with business objectives. They understand both the technical and strategic aspects of Salesforce and guide the planning and implementation process. Their duties include recommending best practices to meet business requirements, provide high level solutions and artefacts, and communicate with business stakeholders.

Average Salary: $152,000 – $205,000 per year in US Dollars and £89,000 – £129,000 in British Pounds

Certification Required: The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle certification for this role, requiring a deep understanding of Salesforce’s capabilities and numerous other credentials as prerequisites. As this is the highest level certification, it costs around $4,500 and takes 8 years to learn but the payback on it is worth your time and money. In contrast to this, there is Identity and Access Management Architect Certification which only takes 1 year to learn!

4. Salesforce Consultant

Description: Combining expertise in Salesforce with business awareness, consultants analyse business requirements and tailor Salesforce solutions to enhance business processes. They often work directly with clients, providing critical insights and support. Their day to day role consists of creating and managing project plans, mapping out business processes, technical product configuration and many more business tasks.

Average Salary: $117,000 – $190,000 per year in US Dollars and £46,000 – £98,000 in British Pounds

Certification Required: This all depends on your focus area but there are many to choose from like Data Cloud Consultant Certification, Service Cloud Consultant Certifications, Sales Cloud Consultant Certification, Experience Cloud Certification and Field Service Consultant Certification.

5. Salesforce Marketing Manager

Description: These professionals harness the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deliver compelling marketing campaigns. They strategise, implement, and analyse data-driven marketing campaigns to increase engagement and drive sales. Their job role includes automating media and entertainment processes, maximising audience engagement and streamlining production and operations.

Average Salary: $95,000 – $171,000 per year in US Dollars and £66,000 – £88,000 in British Pounds

Certification Required: There are 6 certifications in Marketing being Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification, Marketing Cloud Developer Certification, Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification, Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification and 2 for Account Engagement. There is so much to choose from!

6. Salesforce Business Analyst

Description: Salesforce Business Analysts bridge the gap between business processes and technology solutions. They analyse business needs, articulate requirements, and ensure that the implemented Salesforce solutions effectively resolve business problems and enhance efficiency. They typically work closely with stakeholders to define system requirements and customise Salesforce environments accordingly.

Average Salary: $97,000 – $154,000 per year in US Dollars and £53,000 – £85,000 in British Pounds

Certification Required: While there is no specific certification exclusively for Salesforce Business Analysts, having a Salesforce Certified Administrator certification can be extremely beneficial. Additionally, certifications like Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator or Salesforce Certified App Builder can provide a more profound understanding of the platform, which is crucial for effectively analysing business needs and customising solutions.

The Importance of Being Admin Certified

All this being said, I would like to stress the importance of becoming Admin Certified. Even if becoming an administrator isn’t for you, getting the certification is the foundation that all Salesforce knowledge is built on. Even Project Managers benefit from having it as it allows them to manage their projects better. So my advice would be to start your journey by getting Admin Certified, so you have that ground knowledge to grow from! We offer an Administrator Course at GFC (this would be linked) so you might want to check it out.

Getting Started…

Breaking into the Salesforce ecosystem and advancing within it is not an easy job, but with the right blend of skills, experience, and certifications, it’s entirely achievable. Each role not only offers competitive salaries but also provides a platform to continually learn and engage with top end technology. Don’t lose sight of why you started this journey, the ending is near and your career is getting closer and closer to being elevated!

As you consider these opportunities and roles, remember that Salesforce is always evolving and improving. Keeping up with the latest developments and continually refining your skills will not only keep you relevant but also in high demand. No matter the role you decide to go down, you are in safe hands with Salesforce!

Embark on your Salesforce career journey today, and become one step closer to fulfilling a highly rewarding career. 

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