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Sep 13 / Dave Massey

Earlier today I passed the Salesforce Associate Certification exam. When I heard that Salesforce had released a new Certification designed to help those new to Salesforce I knew I had to take it and see what it is all about and if it will help entry level Salesforce Professionals.

It is notoriously difficult to enter the Salesforce Ecosystem so in my opinion anything that helps people land their first Salesforce role is great news to me. And one of the most common questions I receive is “How do I get my first role in the Ecosystem”, let's see if this Certification will help with that.

I’ll include links to the Exam Guide, Trailmix, and Prep Module at the bottom for reference but for now, let's discuss the main question. “Will it help you get your first role in the Salesforce Ecosystem?”.

My honest opinion… Maybe. But I definitely think it's a step in the right direction and it will help you prepare for the Salesforce Administrator Certification.

It’s a great starting point and there is a lot of benefit to taking the Salesforce Associate Certification. My first thoughts being that the topics that the exam covers - Salesforce Ecosystem, Navigation, the Data Model, and Reports and Dashboards form a solid foundation to build on, especially if you are new to Salesforce.

The Salesforce Ecosystem is a good section to really understand about Salesforce, what it offers, and the Ecosystem. You gain a good understanding of how companies use Salesforce, where you can learn Salesforce, and the variety of jobs within the Ecosystem so it does give you a wider perspective of what you can achieve.

The Navigation, Data Model, and Reports and Dashboards sections form a baseline knowledge of Salesforce that you can build on for the future and provide a decent warm up for what you will dive into in the Salesforce Administrator Certification exam.

For your Administrator Certification you are going to need to delve a lot deeper, but it's easier to delve deeper once you have confidence in what you are learning and that's where I think this Certification really helps.

Studying for and passing a Salesforce Certification exam is hard, and if it has been a while since you have sat and passed an exam you might be a little out of practice, a little nervous, and a little anxious. Even if you have passed a recent exam you still may feel all of those things and need a way to get back into the swing of it all, the Salesforce Associate Certification is fantastic practice for that.

It gives you a chance to test and refine your study techniques, to become more comfortable navigating around Trailhead and other resources, and it gives you that vital Salesforce exam experience.  

Salesforce exams are difficult and it takes a bit of time to get used to how WebAssessor works, how the questions are phrased, and how the answers are presented. The Salesforce Associate Certification is a great chance for you to get that exam practice in as its only 40 questions so it's a little shorter than the others, and retakes are free!

I also think it will be a great psychological boost to those studying for their Admin Certification exam as passing the Associate exam provides confirmation that you are on the right path as well as a confidence boost, and shows that you can do this.

This exam is great for entry level Salesforce Professionals who are currently studying for their Administrator Certification or trying to land their first role. It shows a commitment to your Salesforce career, desire to learn, and a baseline level of Salesforce knowledge, and I think employers will recognise that.

Get Force Certified are already designing, crafting, and producing a course specifically for the Salesforce Associate Certification and keeping in with sentiment behind the release of this Certification, to help entry level professionals, I can confirm that it is going to be minimally priced. So low that it won’t be going on Udemy as they have a minimum charge of $19.99 and we certainly won't be charging that!

Make sure you don’t miss out by pre-registering for the course!

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