Prepare and Pass Your Salesforce Certification Quickly and Effectively! 

The most comprehensive and complete Salesforce training that gets you certified, fast!

  • Clear, Concise Video Lessons

  • Easy-to-Use Cheatsheets

  • Realistic Mock Exams

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Our Mission:
To provide you with the most engaging, comprehensive and
up-to-date training material so that you can pass your Salesforce Certification Exam quickly, easily, and effectively

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Super informative while also being super concise! Very clear speaking voice and great explanations and examples! 5/5
Valerie m.
Accurate , almost surgical precision in terms of content required to clear the admin exam. 5/5
akhil k.
Refreshing! Love his direct to the point, efficient style. 5/5
lee f.

What's included?

We provide you with clear and concise training material that maximises your learning speed, knowledge retention and tells you what you need to know quickly.

Clear, Concise Lessons.

Straight-to-the point lessons teaching you what you need to know to pass your Salesforce Certification Exam!

Realistic Mock Exams.

Providing you with exam questions reflective of the actual exams - no more surprises!

Easy-to-Use Cheatsheets.

Short, precise notes that you can reference quickly during your Certification Exam preperation!

Business Use Cases.

Improve knowledge retention and understanding through applying concepts to real world examples!


Increase the effectiveness of your studies by building-a-long with the course lessons!

Updated Regulary.

Up-to-date courses and mock exams to ensure you are ready for your latest Certification!
This is a must purchase for any Salesforce Admin wanting a solid foundation of the platform. I loved that it’s quick, concise and being updated to make it better! This is my 3rd Admin course and I still learned so much! Amazing! 5/5
Josh S.
Really good explanations and examples of each topic. I especially like the intro and recap notes. The real-life case scenarios are my favorite. Overall, an extremely helpful course. 5/5
Clarissa p.
He makes everything so much easier to understand. I am learning way more with this course than the click click save in TH (Trailhead) 5/5
ashley l.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this course? 

This is a clear, concise course that covers everything you need to know to pass your Salesforce Certification in a quick and easy to learn format. We've cut all the stuff you don't need to know and have focused on what you need to know to pass. Our courses contain the most comprehensive material, we include video lessons, cheatsheets, business use cases, and realistic mock exams. You can't find this combination of teachings anywhere else!

What's different to your Udemy Course?

Udemy severely limits the content that we can include. With our own platform we can produce Cheatsheets, Interactive Videos, Comprehensive Mock Exams, and much more!  None of these are available in the Udemy course nor will they ever be.  These additional resources are available to direct customers only!

How long do I have access?

You have 12 months unlimited access from the day you join, you will get all the course updates and improvements throughout those 12 months for free!

Why pay when there are so many free resources available?

Honestly, you don't need to. There are loads of free resources out there. What we have done is produce the most effective and efficient course that enables you to pass your certification quickly.  Everything you need is in one place rather than spread out across multiple websites or systems!