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Salesforce Administrator Masterclass

Want to become a Awesome Admin? We've got everything you need!

Jump-start an exceptional Salesforce career with our Salesforce Administrator Masterclass! Transform from a novice to an expert in Salesforce administration with our detailed courses and practical mock exams. Dive into Flow Fundamentals and unlock opportunities in automation while bolstering your career trajectory in the ecosystem.

Dave Massey does such a great job breaking everything down. I went through all of the modules in Trailhead and with this course I have a much better understanding.
Tim L.

Clear explanations without wasting time. With this course and some Trailhead I got my Administrator Certification. Thank you David!
Abdellatif S.
Very great content, I feel much more prepared to take my exam. I did all of Trailhead modules and then purchases this course, but I wish I had done them simultaneously
Ariel B.

Heres a sneak peak at whats included...

Take the first step toward an exceptional Salesforce career filled with boundless opportunities! Presenting our unique Salesforce Administrator Masterclass – a comprehensive guide skillfully designed to elevate you from beginner to an expert. Gear up for an all-encompassing learning adventure that leaves no question unanswered.

Delve deep into the complexities of Salesforce administration, earning the expertise and prowess that sets you apart. Our mission is to arm you with the tools to face and conquer every obstacle that stands in your path. Our extensive Salesforce Administrator certification course and mock exams are your stepping stones to ensure you’re completely equipped to shine in your career. It’s your personal success blueprint, leading you every step of the way.

And here’s your bonus—the Flow Fundamentals Course! Discover the key to becoming a crucial player in the industry by honing your Flow skills. As the lifeblood of automation, mastering Flow unveils opportunities for unparalleled demand and acknowledgement. Get set to unlock your limitless potential!

We value your time and aspiration, so our Salesforce Administrator Masterclass is thoughtfully put together as a comprehensive solution. With us, you can foster an in-depth understanding of Flow, paving the way for unmatched success in your Salesforce career.

So, are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey and join the echelons of Awesome Admins? Your path to success is right here. Enroll for our Salesforce Administrator Masterclass and watch your career take flight!

17+ Hours of high-quality HD video lessons

High-quality engaging videos teach you what you need to know, showing you step-by-step how to configure it in Salesforce.

Easy to Use, Quick to Reference Cheatsheets

Quick and easy-to-use cheatsheets help you revise faster, more effectively, and more efficiently. Let us provide you with condensed notes to use for revision.

Real Life Examples & Business Use Cases

Through real life examples and business use cases we bring Salesforce features and concepts to life so you can increase your learning and understanding.

Clear and Concise Teaching

All topics and concepts are taught in a clear and concise manner without fluff. Learn what you need to know quickly and efficiently!

Flows skills are in demand

Since the retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builders the demand for Salesforce Professionals who understand and can build Flow has increased dramatically. Make sure you're in demand!

Course Contents

We’ve carefully crafted our Salesforce Administrator Masterclass to cover everything you need to become an Awesome Admin! You will learn everything you need to pass the Salesforce Certification exam and become a Salesforce Certified Administrator. To make you even more of an in-demand Awesome Admin, you’ll be a confident and capable Flow Builder by the end of this course! 

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course - Usually $49.99

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Exam Guide Breakdown
    • How to make the most of this course
  • Company Settings
    • Business Hours
    • Public Calendars and
    • Resources
    • Company Information
    • Fiscal Years
    • Holidays
    • Language Settings
    • Currency Management
    • My Domain
  • User Interface
    • User Interface Settings
    • App Menu
    • App Manager
    • List Views
    • Global Actions
    • Object Specific Actions
    • Lightning App Builder
    • Page Layouts
    • Navigation Bar
    • In App Guidance
  • User Maintenance
    • User Lives Views
    • New User Creation
    • Multiple User Creation
    • User Records
    • Freezing and Deactivating
    • Users
    • User Licences
    • Delegated Administrators
    • Log In as any User
  • Organization Security Controls
    • Setup Audit Trail
    • Login Hours
    • Login IP Ranges
    • Trusted IP Addresses
    • Password Policies
    • Identity Authentication
    • Session Settings
    • Security Health Check
  • Sharing Model
    • Sharing Overview
    • Object Access
    • Record Access
    • Field Level Access
    • Org Wide Defaults
    • Roles and Role Hierarchy
    • Manual Sharing and Sharing Rules
    • Public Groups
    • Teams
    • Reports and Dashboards
  • Profiles and Permission Sets
    • Profiles
    • Permission Sets
  • Objects and Relationships
    • Objects Overview
    • Standard Objects
    • Custom Objects
    • Relationships Introduction
    • Lookup Relationships
    • Master Detail Relationships
    • Master Detail vs Lookup Relationships
    • Record Types
  • Fields
    • Standard Fields
    • Custom Fields
    • Changing a Field Type
    • Deleting a Field
  • Page Layouts
    • Record Types and Page Layouts
    • Business Processes
    • Paths
  • Sales Processes
    • Opportunities
    • Sales Processes
    • Forecasts
  • Sales Productivity
    • Opportunity Splits
    • Quotes
    • Orders
    • Contracts
    • Products and Product
    • Schedules
    • Pricebooks and Price Book Entries
    • Lead Scoring
    • Lead Scoring Step by Step
    • Einstein Lead Scoring
    • Einstein Opportunity Scoring
    • Team Selling
  • Lead and Campaigns
    • Leads Introduction
    • Lead Queues
    • Lead Assignment Rules
    • Lead Conversion
    • Lead Mapping
    • Web-to-Lead
    • Campaigns
    • Campaign Influence
  • Case Management
    • Service and Support
    • Introduction
    • Service Console
    • Support Settings
    • Merging Cases
    • Case List Views
    • Case Queues
    • Case Hierarchy
    • Case Assignment Rules
    • Case Teams
    • Contact Roles
    • Use Case
    • Email to Case
    • Web to Case
    • Support Process
    • Case Escalation Rules
  • Activity Management
    • Activity Introduction
    • Activity Settings
    • Email Integration
    • Einstein Activity Capture
  • Chatter
    • Chatter Introduction
    • Chatter Features
  • Salesforce Mobile
  • AppExchange
    • AppExchange
  • Data Management
    • Data Management
    • Introduction
    • Data Import Wizard
    • Data Loader
    • Data Import Wizard vs
    • Data Loader
    • Record ID’s
    • External ID’s
    • Mass Tools
    • Data Export Service
  • Data Validation Tools
    • Validation Rules
    • Duplicate Management
  • Reports
    • Reports Introduction
    • Standard and Custom
    • Report Types
    • Report Builder
    • Conditional Highlighting
    • Row Level and Custom Summary
    • Bucket Fields
    • Report Charts
    • Exporting Reports
    • Report Subscription
    • Report Formats
    • Reporting Snapshots
  • Report and Dashboard Sharing
    • Report and Dashboard Sharing
  • Dashboards
    • Dashboards
  • Automation Tools
    • Process Automation Overview
    • Workflow Rules
    • Process Builder
  • Flows
    • Flow Introduction
    • Flow Overview
    • Flow Types
    • Flow Elements
  • Approval Processes
    • Approval Processes
  • Conclusion
    • Thank you
    • Congratulations
    • Let’s Connect
  • Certificate of Completion
    • Certificate of Completion
  • Exam Tips
    • Exam Tips

Salesforce Administrator Mock Exams - Usually $49.99

  • Practice Exam
    • Answers are given immediately after the question
  • Mock Exam
    • Answers are given at the end of the exam
  • Practice Exam
    • Answers are given immediately after the question
  • Mock Exam
    • Answers are given at the end of the exam
  • Practice Exam
    • Answers are given immediately after the question
  • Mock Exam
    • Answers are given at the end of the exam
  • Practice Exam
    • Answers are given immediately after the question
  • Mock Exam
    • Answers are given at the end of the exam
  • Practice Exam
    • Answers are given immediately after the question
  • Mock Exam
    • Answers are given at the end of the exam
  • Practice Exam
    • Answers are given immediately after the question
  • Mock Exam
    • Answers are given at the end of the exam
  • Practice Exam
    • Answers are given immediately after the question
  • Mock Exam
    • Answers are given at the end of the exam
  • 60 randomized questions taken from a large question bank over 100’s of questions.
  • The questions presented are weighted, meaning that you will face the same number of questions per section as per the real Salesforce Certification exam.
  • Answers are given immediately after the question
  • Timed
  • 60 randomized questions taken from a large question bank over 100’s of questions
  • The questions presented are weighted, meaning that you will face the same number of questions per section as per the real Salesforce Certification exam
  • Answers and results revealed at the end of the exam

Flow Fundamentals Course - Usually $29.99

  • Introduction
    • Developer Edition Sign Up
  • Introduction to Flows
    • Salesforce Automation Landscape
    • An Overview of Flows and their Capabilities
    • Profile Requirements
    • Flow List Views
    • Creating a Flow
    • Flow Interviews
    • Flow Actions
  • Flow Logic
    • Assignments
    • Decisions
    • Loops
    • Collection Order
    • Sort Order
  • Variables and Resources
    • What is a Resource?
    • Variable Resources
    • Constant Resources
    • Other Resources
  • Screen Flows
    • Screen Flow Introduction
    • Screen Flow Components
    • Screen Flow Lookup Component
    • Screen Flow Example One
    • Screen Flow Example Two
  • Record Triggered Flows
    • Record Triggered Flow Introduction
    • Fast Field Updates (Before Save)
    • Actions and Related Records (After Save)
  • Scheduled Triggered Flows
    • Scheduled Triggered Flows
  • Platform Event Triggered Flows
    • Platform Event Triggered Flows
  • Auto Launched Flows
    • Auto Launched Flows
  • Debugging Flows
    • Debugging Flows
  • Advanced Flow Topics
    • Flow Trigger Explorer
    • Trigger Order
    • Flow Interview Labels
    • Flow Running Context
    • Adding a Flow as a Detail Button
    • Adding a Flow as a Lightning Component
  • Flow Release Updates
    • Use Formulas as Flow Entry Conditions
    • Trigger Order via Trigger Explorer
    • Screen Flow Collapsible
    • Section Headers
    • Screen Flow Dynamic Components
    • Migrate to Flow

What our students are saying

Brilliant course, really helped me connect the dots. I enjoyed the no nonsense straight the the point approach. A must have course for anyone taking the Admin exam.
Alexander R.
Another concise but well detailed course from David Massey. Take it
Brent L M.
I wasn't doing well with the example tests. I raced through this course as a decent refresher, took a ton of notes and passed my exam the first time! I wish I would have found this course a year ago.
Brent L M.
This is a fantastic course and tells you all you need to know about Salesforce Flows. Thank you David!
Helen M.
I really enjoy the great visuals and how Dave breaks everything down. This course is very helpful to learning each section of SF in small pieces
Michaela B.
This course was fantastic! I loved how Dave broke large concepts down, and provided examples along with the videos. Great Course!
Garrett VN.
What an amazing way to explain each and every aspect of Flows
Already incredible in comparison to others. Easy to understand and I like how he laid out the course format so we understand what we are diving into and why.
Steph C.
Dave understands what it is like to be learning as the consumer, and tries to make the course as digestible as possible. Each clip is a few minutes long which helps my attention stay engaged, and he is easy to understand and follow.
Tyler M.


That’s a great question, and we understand where you’re coming from. While there are indeed many free resources available, our Salesforce Administrator Masterclass offers several advantages:

Structured Learning Path: Our courses are meticulously designed and structured to ensure a smooth and systematic learning journey from a beginner to an advanced level, saving you the time and effort of piecing together information from different sources.

Quality of Content: Our expert instructors and curriculum developers have extensive industry experience and knowledge of best practices to deliver the most up-to-date and relevant content.

Practical Approach: Our courses emphasize hands-on learning through practical exercises, case studies, and mock exams. This helps reinforce your understanding and provides a realistic feel of the certification exams.

Efficiency: Free resources can be of varying quality and it can take a significant amount of time to find, evaluate, and learn from them. Our paid course is a comprehensive, carefully-curated package designed to efficiently guide you towards your Salesforce certification.

Accuracy: A lot of free resources are out of date, inaccurate, or just plain wrong. The last thing you want to do is waste your time studying incorrect information.

Remember, an investment in quality education can pay you back many times over in terms of career advancement and success

We provide clear, concise, and comprehensive Salesforce Training that teaches you what you need to know quickly. We have helped over 20,000 students in the last 12 months and often regarded as the number provider for effective and efficient training.

Dave has delivered training to Salesforce employees, Talent Alliance Members, and VetForce members further enhancing his reputation as a expert Salesforce Trainer.
The bundle includes the Salesforce Administrator Certification Course, Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice and Mock Exams, and the Flow Fundamentals Course.
The Masterclass is designed for individuals of all levels—whether you’re new to Salesforce or have some experience and are looking to solidify your skills, you’ll find our course beneficial.
The courses consist of engaging HD (1080p) video lessons that teach you what you need to know step-by-step, realistic business use cases to help you understand each concept, easy-to-use and quick-to-reference cheatsheets, and comprehensive mock exams with complete answers and explanations to prepare you for the actual Salesforce certification exams.
You’ll delve into the complexities of Salesforce administration, with topics including user setup, security, data management, reporting, and more. You’ll also gain practical skills through our mock exams.

The Flow Fundamentals Course will provide you with everything that you need to start building robust, reliable, and effective Flows!
The Masterclass provides extensive coverage of the exam material, plus practice with mock exams designed to mimic the actual test. You’ll be prepared to face the exam confidently.
You will have 12-months unlimited access to the courses, allowing you to learn at your own pace and refer back to the materials whenever needed.
No, the course is designed to take you from beginner to expert. No prior experience is necessary.
The Flow Fundamentals Course provides an in-depth look at Salesforce’s powerful automation tool, Flow. Mastering Flow can make you an even more valuable asset in the Salesforce ecosystem.
We keep all of our training material up to date with any major releases (3 times a year). All of the updates are included free of charge in your initial 12 months of access meaning that during the time you can access the course you will be learning the right information.

Your instructor

Dave Massey

Meet Dave, a Salesforce enthusiast and a passionate educator.

Daves journey with Salesforce began in March 2020, and his rapid rise to success is a testament to his prowess and dedication. Just nine short months later, he had already earned 7 certifications—an extraordinary accomplishment that speaks to his understanding and command of Salesforce.

By May 2022, merely two years after his initial certification, Dave reached another remarkable milestone: he assumed the position of Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce UK and Ireland, demonstrating his mastery and industry recognition. Fueled by a passion to empower others on their Salesforce journeys, Dave launched Get Force Certified in 2022. He transitioned to this venture full-time in April 2023, devoting himself entirely to delivering top-tier Salesforce training. Since embarking on his training career, Dave has educated over 20,000 students, cementing his status as a respected and sought-after authority in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Dave has worked with a number of Salesforce training providers to provide on-demand expertise in training Salesforce professionals such as Clicked and Talent Stacker.

With Dave as your guide, you can expect nothing less than the highest quality instruction, comprehensive content, and an unwavering commitment to your success in Salesforce certification and beyond.


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