Flow Masterclass

Salesforce Flow Masterclass

Become a Flow Master: Quick, Easy, Simple

Do you want to become good with Flow? Do you want to learn how to build reliable, reusable, and robust Flows? But you dont know how? Maybe you think Flows are too complex, it takes too much time to learn, or maybe you just don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we have got your covered. Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a Flow Master!

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David, what a great course! Very helpful content and such as effective manner of teaching. I work as a Salesforce Consultant. What I am learning will help me be more effective at my job. Definitely 5 stars!
Anna S.
Very easy to understand David's teaching style. David helped me get comfortable navigating the Flow Builder and he taught the lessons using repetition which is perfect for my learning style. Would definitely be recommending this course!
Drakkar J.
This course was recommended to me for a great flow course and so far I feel it will help even the newest of admins understand flows. This is beneficial because the knowledge of flows is in demand.

Flows are a Salesforce super power, they are a Admins best friend, a Consultants secret weapon, and a Developers simple solution. Whatever role you have in the Salesforce Ecosystem, or want to have, you need to know how to Flow!

Salesforce is investing more and more into Flow, with the rapid introduction of new features, new functionality, and increased power you don’t want to get left behind! Your Salesforce future could depend on it!

This course teaches you everything you need to know in a clear, concise, and comprehensive way. We’ve cut out all the fluff, all the noise, and we have packed it full of maximum impact and maximum value knowledge. Whether you are new to Flow or you are a experienced Flownatic, there’s something for all in this course.

Heres a sneak peak at whats included...

Whats stopping you from becoming a Flow Master?

Many find the intricacies of Salesforce Flows daunting, but our course demystifies this complexity with crystal-clear, concise explanations. Our step-by-step guided learning approach breaks down every concept, ensuring you grasp each aspect of Salesforce Flows effortlessly. The structured learning path allows you to absorb information in manageable chunks, making the process not just easy, but enjoyable too!

Overwhelmed by technical terms? Our course minimizes the use of complex jargon, opting instead for relatable use cases and straightforward explanations. Whenever technical terms are necessary, we decode them into everyday language, ensuring you understand each concept in practical, real-world terms.

If the 40+ hours of trails on Trailhead seem like a daunting time investment, our course is the solution. We offer straight-to-the-point lessons without any fluff, consolidating all necessary information in one place. Our real-life situational teaching enhances your understanding and speeds up the learning process.

Struggling to apply what you learn? Our course emphasizes realistic use cases, designed around standard Salesforce objects and functionalities. This approach enables you to immediately put your newfound knowledge into practice, bridging the gap between learning and doing.

Concerned about fast-paced teaching? Our high-definition, 1080p videos come with annotations, highlighted cursors, and clear call-outs. This visual clarity, coupled with detailed explanations of each action, ensures you can follow along easily and understand every step.

Think Flows aren’t for you? Our course dispels this myth. With the phasing out of workflow rules and process builders, Flows are essential for everyone in Salesforce, particularly Admins. We cover the most in-demand skills, making Flows accessible and relevant, regardless of your background.

Already familiar with Flow? Salesforce Flow is an ever-evolving tool, and our course helps you stay up-to-date. We cover the latest best practices and offer diverse problem-solving perspectives, ensuring there’s always something new to learn.

Frustrated with courses that assume prior knowledge? Our course features step-by-step, detailed instruction tailored for beginners. We guide you through each step with relatable use cases, ensuring no assumption of prior expertise.

Our course is designed with beginners in mind, avoiding overly technical language. The instructor, coming from a non-technical background, adopts a teaching style that’s easy to grasp, ensuring a smooth learning journey for all.

Unsure where to start? Our course begins at the very basics, progressively building up to more complex topics. Each lesson builds upon the last, ensuring a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced concepts. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding from the ground up.

Hours of high quality video lessons

13 hours of 1080p HD annotated, on-demand, step-by-step video lessons guide you through every concept and build.

Flows skills are in demand

Flow are not just for Admins, they are for everyone! With the retirement of workflow rules and process builders, Flows are essential for everyone in Salesforce!

Real Life Examples & Business Use Cases

Through real life examples and business use cases we bring Salesforce features and concepts to life so you can increase your learning and understanding.

Clear and Concise Teaching

All topics and concepts are taught in a clear and concise manner without fluff. Learn what you need to know quickly and efficiently!

Course Contents

Our expertly crafted Flow Masterclass teaches you everything you need to start building robust, reliable Flows that follow best practices. This course was designed to help you become a Flow Master whether you are brand new to Flows or have a little experience!


  • Welcome
  • Make the most of this course
  • Why learn Flows?
  • What are Flows?
  • Create a Org to build a long with me

Flow Introduction

  • Profile Requirements
  • Process Automation Settings
  • Automation Home
  • Flow Home
  • Flow List Views
  • Flow Builder Deep Dive

Flow Elements Deep Dive

  • Interaction Elements
  • Logic Elements
  • Data Elements
  • Resources
  • Global Variables
  • Elements Deep Dive One Use Case
  • Create Flow and Start Screen
  • Get Users Account Records
  • Display Users Account Records (Datatable)
  • Summary
  • Elements Deep Dive Two Use Case
  • Account Management Radio Buttons
  • Account Management Decision
  • New Owner Lookup
  • Update Account Owner
  • Confirmation Screen
  • Elements Deep Dive Three Use Case
  • Contact Management Radio Buttons
  • Contact Management Decision
  • Create Contact Record
  • Confirmation Screen
  • Summary
  • Elements Deep Dive Four Use Case
  • Get All Contact Records
  • Display Contact Records
  • Edit Contact Records (Manual Components)
  • Update Contact Record
  • Confirmation Screen
  • Summary
  • Elements Deep Dive Five Use Case
  • Display Contact Records
  • Decision Optimization
  • Add Contact Names to Collection (Loop)
  • Confirm Contact Deletion
  • Decision Reroute (Connect Paths)
  • Summary
  • Elements Deep Dive Six Use Case
  • Opportunity Management Radio Buttons
  • Opportunity Management Decision
  • Assign New Opportunity Values
  • Opportunity Naming Convention
  • Create Opportunity and Confirmation Screen
  • Summary
  • Elements Deep Dive Seven Use Case
  • Get Open Opportunities
  • Opportunity Management Decision Optimization
  • Select Opportunity
  • Close Opportunities (Loop)
  • Update Opportunities
  • Summary
  • Elements Deep Dive Eight Use Case
  • Select Opportunities
  • Extend by Days
  • Assign New Close Date (Loop)
  • Update Opportunities and Confirmation Screen
  • Summary
  • Elements Deep Dive Eight Use Case
  • Select Opportunity to Edit
  • Edit Opportunity
  • Update Opportunity
  • Confirmation Screen
  • Summary
  • Collection Sort Configuration
  • Collection Sort Summary
  • Collection Filter Configuration
  • Collection Filter Summary

Flow Types

  • Record Triggered Flow Introduction
  • Record Triggered Flow Walkthrough
  • Record Triggered Flow Summary
  • Use Case: Set Case Priority
  • Use Case: Set Opportunity Name
  • Use Case: Count Open Cases
  • Use Case: Case Closed Sequence
  • Use Case: Send Email Alert (Email Alert Action Deep Dive)
  • Use Case: Send Email (Email Action Deep Dive)
  • Screen Flow Introduction
  • Screen Components Deep Dive One
  • Screen Components Deep Dive Two
  • Screen Components Deep Dive Three
  • Screen Components Deep Dive Four
  • Screen Components Deep Dive Five
  • Screen Components Deep Dive Six
  • Screen Components Deep Dive Seven
  • Screen Components Deep Dive Eight
  • Manual Components vs Fields (Dynamic Forms)
  • Run As
  • Use Case: Mass Transfer Opportunities
  • Scheduled Triggered Flows Introduction
  • Scheduled Triggered Flows Walkthrough
  • Scheduled Triggered Flows Summary
  • Autolaunched Triggered Flows Introduction
  • Autolaunched Triggered Flows Walkthrough
  • Autolaunched Triggered Flows Summary
  • Use Case: Clone Opportunities and Line Items
  • Platform Event Triggered Flows Introduction
  • Platform EventTriggered Flows Walkthrough
  • Platform EventTriggered Flows Summary

Best Practices and Further Learning

  • Always Plan
  • Never Hardcode ID’s
  • Always Debug
  • Never Put a Pink inside a Orange
  • Use Tight Entry Conditions
  • Naming Conventions
  • Include Descriptions
  • Use Subflows
  • Error Handling
  • CANEI Flows
  • Do You Need Flow?
  • Never Build in Production
  • Document Your Flow
  • Watch Out for Logic Gaps
  • Check Records Found
  • Automation Bypess

What our students are saying

It was a really awesome way to explain how Flows work and how we can build them. Thank you!
Luis E.
Another concise but well detailed course from David Massey. Take it
Brent L M.
This is a fantastic course and tells you all you need to know about Salesforce Flows. Thank you David!
Helen M.
Like his other courses, my favorite part about David's courses are the bite-size videos which are clearly explained so I can jump exactly to the video I need when I get stuck.
Corey H.
What an amazing way to explain each and every aspect of Flows
I did not know I could learn so much about Flows in such a short period of time!
Thijs K.


That’s a great question, and we understand where you’re coming from. While there are indeed many free resources available, our courses offers several advantages:

Structured Learning Path: Our courses are meticulously designed and structured to ensure a smooth and systematic learning journey from a beginner to an advanced level, saving you the time and effort of piecing together information from different sources.

Quality of Content: Our expert instructors and curriculum developers have extensive industry experience and knowledge of best practices to deliver the most up-to-date and relevant content.

Practical Approach: Our courses emphasize hands-on learning through practical exercises, case studies, and mock exams. This helps reinforce your understanding and provides a realistic feel of the certification exams.

Efficiency: Free resources can be of varying quality and it can take a significant amount of time to find, evaluate, and learn from them. Our paid course is a comprehensive, carefully-curated package designed to efficiently guide you towards your Salesforce certification.

Accuracy: A lot of free resources are out of date, inaccurate, or just plain wrong. The last thing you want to do is waste your time studying incorrect information.

Remember, an investment in quality education can pay you back many times over in terms of career advancement and success

We provide clear, concise, and comprehensive Salesforce Training that teaches you what you need to know quickly. We have helped over 20,000 students in the last 12 months and often regarded as the number provider for effective and efficient training.

Dave has delivered training to Salesforce employees, Talent Alliance Members, and VetForce members further enhancing his reputation as a expert Salesforce Trainer.

The courses consist of engaging HD (1080p) video lessons that teach you what you need to know step-by-step, realistic business use cases to help you understand each concept.
You will have 12-months unlimited access to the courses, allowing you to learn at your own pace and refer back to the materials whenever needed.

Absolutely! Our Salesforce Flow Masterclass Course is designed to take you from a novice to a Flow Master, ready to tackle real-world Salesforce challenges.

We keep all of our training material up to date with any major releases (3 times a year). All of the updates are included free of charge in your initial 12 months of access meaning that during the time you can access the course you will be learning the right information. 

Your instructor

Dave Massey

Meet Dave, a Salesforce enthusiast and a passionate educator.

Daves journey with Salesforce began in March 2020, and his rapid rise to success is a testament to his prowess and dedication. Just nine short months later, he had already earned 7 certifications—an extraordinary accomplishment that speaks to his understanding and command of Salesforce.

By May 2022, merely two years after his initial certification, Dave reached another remarkable milestone: he assumed the position of Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce UK and Ireland, demonstrating his mastery and industry recognition. Fueled by a passion to empower others on their Salesforce journeys, Dave launched Get Force Certified in 2022. He transitioned to this venture full-time in April 2023, devoting himself entirely to delivering top-tier Salesforce training. Since embarking on his training career, Dave has educated over 20,000 students, cementing his status as a respected and sought-after authority in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Dave has worked with a number of Salesforce training providers to provide on-demand expertise in training Salesforce professionals such as Clicked and Talent Stacker.

With Dave as your guide, you can expect nothing less than the highest quality instruction, comprehensive content, and an unwavering commitment to your success in Salesforce certification and beyond.


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