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    Clear and Concise Video Lessons

    Salesforce Flow Fundamentals

    Everything you need to become capable, comfortable, and confident in building Flows!

    Flows are a vital part of any Salesforce Professionals tool kit, however, they can be quite daunting to learn.  In this course we walk you though the Fundamentals of Salesforce Flows so that you can get up and running building your own robust, reliable Flows quickly.

    Workflow Rules and Process Builders are being retired shortly so now is the perfect time to become comfortable and confident with Flows!

    Don't wait, enroll now and become a Flow Master!
    David, what a great course! Very helpful content and such as effective manner of teaching. I work as a Salesforce Consultant. What I am learning will help me be more effective at my job. Definitely 5 stars! 
    Anna S.
    It was a really awesome way to explain how Flows work and how we can build them. Thank you!
    Luis E.
    This is a fantastic course and tells you all you need to know about Salesforce Flows.  Thank you David!
    Helen M.
    Very easy to understand David's teaching style.  David helped me get comfortable navigating the Flow Builder and he taught the lessons using repetition which is perfect for my learning style. Would definitely be recommending this course.
    Drakkar J.

    Why Choose This Course?

    Clear and Concise Teaching

    All topics and concepts are taught in a clear and concise manner without the fluff.  Learn what you need to learn quickly!

    Real Life Examples

    Various real life examples are created and explained throughout the course ensuring maximum understanding of the concepts!

    Forever Updated

    Flows are a quickly evolving Salesforce Tool and we will be keeping our course up to date with the latest releases meaning you are always up to date!
    Meet the instructor

    Dave Massey

    Dave Massey is a Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce UK & Ireland. 

    Dave is 10x Certified and entered the Salesforce Ecosystem in 2020. Since then he worked in implementation for a number of years before joining Salesforce in 2022.

    Dave's passion lies in teaching and training other Trailblazers in a clear, concise, and straight to the point approach.