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We offer various educational content for all levels of traders as well as professional investors regardless of how much experience you have in trading.
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Learn to trade profitably

Learn the secrets of successful investing through our finance school.
We provide information on economic developments, market fundamentals, and trading strategies.

Course contents

We offer a wide range of courses ranging from entrepreneurship, finance, stocks, investments, to name a few.

Back to basics

Learn the basics of finance and stock market trading. The courses cover topics such as investing, financial statements and more. 

Expert team

The best practices of becoming a financial associate will be shared by our team of experts.

Invest in your future

We offer various educational content for all levels of traders as well as professional investors regardless of how much experience you have in trading.

Successful Strategies

Discover the strategies used by experienced traders and learn how they make money

Technical analysis

Gain expertise in institutional technical analysis of speculation in order to beat the market

Develop a trading strategy

Discover how to spot market patterns and trade based on technical analysis
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Develop your financial skills with our courses

To help our students increase their capital and achieve their life goals, we make the financial market understandable and accessible, so that they can use its rules to their advantage.

Our students love us, and you will too!

Our students talk about their invaluable academic experiences at ProFinance, providing advice, perspective, and vision.
I am glad I joined the webinar which led me to joining the finance courses. With a lot of information to take in every course I have gained wealth of knowledge. Being a newbie in trading it can be overwhelming but with the way the content is explained it keeps me going.

Maria Fontano


Meet the amazing team behind Pro Finance

Walter Miller

Finance instructor

Walter has a degree in Finance from the University of USA. He has 7 years of experience tutoring students online and has wrote many research papers and finance articles.

Rose Carter

Founder & CEO

Rose has a Bachelor degree in engieering and a PhD in management and accounting. Her focus is on making the courses a joyful experience for the students.

Jackson Hall

Trading expert

Having traded financial instruments since 2016, Jackson can advise, train and teach financial trading to students and people interested in learning about Finance and Economy.

You have questions, we have answers

We've put together a list of the most frequently asked trading and financial questions by our students.

How do I sign up?

As soon as you join ProFinance, you will be automatically enrolled in our school. If for any reason you are unable to log into your account, please contact our support team via email.

How can I choose my courses?

There are a number of learning paths available, you may choose the one that best meets your requirements by reading them. However, if you need further information or advice, please contact us and our team will guide you to the appropriate program.

Can I contact other learners?

You can message and network with other learners participating in your course, and we encourage you to do so, so you can support one another during your learning process.

Is there a free trial?

Sadly, no. But if you are interested in joining our community, you can do so by signing up for one month for only 10$ and use most of our resources to decide which membership is right for you.
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