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    Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

    Everything you need to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification!

    Looking for a clear and concise course that gets straight to the point of what you need to know to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam?  You've found it!

    Our Salesforce Administrator Course includes everything you need to prepare and pass the Salesforce Administrator Exam.  With high quality video lessons, easy to use cheatsheets, and real business use cases we break even the most complex of Salesforce concepts down into easy to understand and digestible chunks!

    All of the lessons are straight to the point without the fluff so you can focus on what you need to know to pass the Salesforce Administrator Exam and become a Certified Salesforce Administrator! 
    This was what I needed to round out my studying for the admin cert exam. Straightforward and full of good info. I wish I would have learned of David and his course earlier in my study journey!
    tania o.
    Brilliant course, really helped me connect the dots. I enjoyed the no nonsense straight the the point approach. A must have course for anyone taking the Admin exam. Thank you David 
    alexander r.
    I really enjoy the great visuals and how Dave breaks everything down. This course is very helpful to learning each section of SF in small pieces.
    michaela B.

    Whats Included

    Interactive HD Video Lessons

    High quality engaging videos teaching you what you need to know and showing you step-by-step how to configure it in Salesforce.

    Easy to Use Cheatsheets

    Quick and easy to use cheatsheets to help you revise quicker, smarter and more efficiently. Let us provide you with condensed notes to use for revision.

    Check Your Learning Assessments

    Throughout the course there are numerous assessments that are reflective of what you can expect on the Salesforce Admin Exam to help you check you learning.

    Real Life Examples and Business Use Cases

    Through real life examples and business use cases we bring Salesforce features and concepts to life so you can increase your learning and understanding.
    This course was fantastic! I loved how Dave broke large concepts down, and provided examples along with the videos. Great Course!
    Garrett VN.
    Dave is great breaking everything down simply and providing example scenarios to walk through. Sometimes I pause and see if I can solve the scenario and then watch how he does it to check my knowledge.
    Daniel S.
    David is clear, concise, and to the point. I enjoy how he maps everything down from the study material to the resources that he provides.
    Tavia J.
    I wanted a course that would be trained to me in a method I understood and without too much 'IT' language. It's been completely clear and concise and matches my training needs!
    Joanne L.

    Course Lessons

    Meet the instructor

    Dave Massey

    Dave Massey is a Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce UK & Ireland. 
    Dave is 10x Certified and entered the Salesforce Ecosystem in 2020. Since then he worked in implementation for a number of years before joining Salesforce in 2022.
    Dave's passion lies in teaching and training other Trailblazers in a clear, concise, and straight to the point approach.