What is Get Force Certified?

Aug 24 / Dave Massey
We created Get Force Certified to provide a single place where both aspiring and established Salesforce professionals could come to effectively prepare to pass their Salesforce Certification Exam.

Get Force Certified has been created with the sole mission of helping you achieve your Salesforce Certification quickly, easily, and effectively so you can level up your career and earn more money, open up more opportunities, and have a better work/life balance. 

We do that by providing you with the most engaging, comprehensive and up-to date learning material taking advantage of cutting edge technology to improve your knowledge comprehension, retention, and recall.

What Learning Material?

We know how to teach and coach effectively, we've done it for years and we know the key to doing so is to engage as many senses as possible - sight, sound, and touch.  We haven't quite figured out how to engage smell and taste remotely yet!

All of our training material has been consciously created to ensure maximum engagement. We've focused on a three-pronged attack - interactive videos, easy to use cheatsheets, and realistic mock exams.

Interactive Videos

Each of our interactive videos follow a deliberate strategy, first we introduce the concept through slides and written material, we then walk through how the concept works and how to configure it in Salesforce.  As we are doing so we have annotated the video showing where we are clicking and explaining why.  When applicable we then run through a real life business use case to bring the concept to life and increase comprehension, and then we finish off with a summary of the concept and they key points to remember.

Easy-to-Use Cheatsheets

Our easy to use cheatsheets drastically improve knowledge retention by providing you with easy to understand and quick to reference information.  We explain the concept in a few short sentences, include an example to clarify understanding, and we also include an annotated screenshot so you can relate what you have read back to Salesforce configuration.

Realistic Mock Exams

A vital part of being Salesforce Exam ready is knowing what to expect on the exam, this is where our mock exams help.  Each question has been written with the same language that Salesforce use, we have multiple choice answers, and to provide another way to learn we include concise explanations as to why the right answer is the right answer.  This help improves your understanding and improves knowledge recall.