The Proof is in the Pudding

Sep 8 / Dave Massey
When it comes to choosing your study material to support your studies for your next Salesforce Certification it's vital to make sure that you are choosing up-to-date, accurate, highly effective material that is going to help you on your journey.

But how can you tell whats good and whats not?  Whats effective and whats not?  Whats worth your time, effort, and investment?

It's often said that the "Proof is in the Pudding" meaning that the real worth, effectiveness, or value that something brings can only be determined by putting it to the test. 

And Get Force Certified have that proof!
Whether you are looking to become a Salesforce Administrator and pass your Salesforce Administrator exam, or pass any Salesforce Certification Exam it's really important to use the best tools at your disposal.  And one of the most important tools is the study material that you choose, but there is so many options out there, so many courses, so many websites.  The last thing you want to do is to invest your time and effort in material that is outdated, inaccurate, or just not effective.

We don't make senseless course claims!

As my Nanna has always said to me - "the proof is in the pudding". 

It's easy for people to make improbable claims such as "pass your Salesforce exam in 30 days", or to "guarantee you pass the first time" but the circumstances that effect these claims are different for person to person.  If you work full time, have kids to look after, and don't want to burn out then it's incredible difficult to pass within 30 days.  Same as guaranteeing that someone will pass first time, it doesn't explain how long they have been studying, how many mock exams they have taken, or how they passed.

That's why we won't make any claims about passing in 30 days or guaranteeing you passing first time because everyones journey is unique.

5 Key Reasons!

So how do you know that we can help you become Salesforce Certified, well here are couple of key reasons;.

1. Solid Foundations - All of our courses have been built on the fundamental foundations set in place through previous courses that were released on Udemy.  In fact, those courses were so successful, even without the additional material, that they have been inducted in to the Udemy Business Collection which includes less that 3% of all available Courses!  

2. Vast Improvements on the Foundations - The Salesforce Administrator Certification course that is available on Udemy doesn't contain (and it never will due to the technological limitations of Udemy) over 50% of the additional learning material that we have crafted to dramatically improve and increase your learning experience.  On Get Force Certified we include interactive videos, cheatsheets, and realistic mock exams with clear explanations to help you pass your Salesforce Exam! 

3. Reviews - Reviews play a vital role in deciding which course you choose. Take a look at our reviews, we have included them throughout our website, if you want another set of reviews take a look at the course on Udemy.  Its the highest rated Salesforce Administrator Course and that is with less than half of the material that we offer direct!

4. Previous Students Passing their Salesforce Exam - The biggest testament is the number of people who have passed their Salesforce Certification Exam with our help.  I am notified daily on Social Media of people who have passed who thank me for our material, connect with me on LinkedIn (connectand you will see the amount of posts that I get tagged in.  I'm really grateful of this as my entire goal is to get more people certified and its fantastic to see so many people improving their lives and prospects!

5. Highly Certified and Knowledgable Instructors - Matt and I pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise.  I work for Salesforce UK & I as a Lead Solution Engineer and Matt has been a successful contract Salesforce Architect for a number of years and started his Salesforce career back in 2013.  We also have the proof of Salesforce Certifications including Consulting Certifications and Architect Certifications, I am 9 x Certified, and Matt is 8 x Certified.  A good test of how knowledgable is how concise they can explain a concept, and we have purposely designed and created all of our learning material with that in mind.  Providing you with clear, concise, and precise explanations that help you learn and understand what you need to know fast!

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

People often wonder "how do I get a job in Salesforce?", "how do I get Salesforce Certified", and "where do I start with Salesforce" and the simplest answer is right one.  Take action.

If you are planning on starting a career in the Salesforce Ecosystem or advancing your Salesforce Career by becoming Certified or even more Certified then take that first step. Invest in yourself and gift yourself an incredibly powerful tool to help you on your journey - accurate, reliable and up-to-date training material that is going to make your study easier, faster, and much more effective.

We're launching soon and when we launch we are going to be offering a once in a lifetime deal that will never be repeated.  If you haven't signed up for the prelaunch follow the link below and make sure you don't miss out.

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