Hands-On Experience: The Key To Passing The Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam

Feb 7 / Dave Massey

There are many ways to study and pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification. However, few are as effective as hands-on, practical experience.

 In this post we're going to explore why hands-on experience is so important, and how you can maximise your knowledge retention and recall by including more hands-on, practical work during your studies. We’ll also cover some of the best ways to get more hands-on experience to help you prepare more efficiently and effectively.

What Is Hands-On Experience?

When I refer to hands-on experience, I mean practical exposure to the Salesforce Platform. This can include completing Trailhead Modules, practising in Playgrounds or Developer Edition Orgs, and following along with instructional videos or courses. It’s more active and more involved than just reading notes, reviewing slides, or watching a video without following along.

The purpose of hands-on experience is to give you a deeper understanding of the concept you are reviewing, how it works, and how to use it effectively. By carrying out configuration yourself, you will retain more of the information, you will learn quicker and faster, and you will build muscle memory so that when you are in a real-life setting you can easily recall that information. A side benefit of hands-on experience is that it is much more fun than just watching someone else do it or reviewing slides!

How Important Is Hands-On Experience... Vital!

In my opinion, I believe that hands-on experience is the single most effective way to learn any Salesforce material, it helps bridge the gap between knowledge and understanding. It’s a way of bringing to life the theories of the concepts and features that you are learning, which results in a huge increase in your knowledge retention and recall… perfect for passing your Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam.


  • Increased Knowledge Retention - Hands-on experience allows you to strengthen your knowledge and therefore increase your retention by linking the concept to physical steps helping deepen your memory of it.

  • Increased Understanding - You will develop a much better understanding of the concept as you will be required to consider why each step is important, which then helps you develop a wider understanding of it, not just a textbook definition.

  • Boosted Knowledge Recall - By developing a deeper understanding and increasing your knowledge retention, you will be able to recall that information quickly.

  • Practical Skills Development - A really important benefit of hands-on experience is that you are actually carrying out the tasks you may be required to do so in a real-life situation. This means you will be better prepared for your Salesforce Role.

  • Increased Exam Success Rate - Through a combination of increased knowledge retention, better understanding, and boosted knowledge recall you will give yourself the best possible chance of passing the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam.

How To Get Started?

There are various ways to get more hands-on experience, you can work your way through Trailhead Trailmixes, Modules, and Superbadges, you can carry out configuration in a Trailhead Playground, or you might be lucky enough to already work in the Salesforce Ecosystem, meaning that you can access one of your Orgs Sandboxes and play around there.

Perhaps the most effective way to get more practical experience while learning the concepts and features needed to be a good Salesforce Administrator is to follow along with a clear and organised course that helps bring everything to life. 

That's why I designed and crafted the Get Force Certified Courses in the way I did, we follow a tried and tested process in which we bring various learning styles together, including hands-on experience. What sets us apart and really turbocharges your learning is that we first talk about the concept building a functional understanding, we then walk through how to configure it in Salesforce, and then to really build your knowledge and understanding, we then work through a business use case. And there's two approaches you can take at this point, you can either follow along step by step, deepening your knowledge and comprehension, or you can pause the video and try to solve the business use case yourself, it's a fantastic way of testing yourself as you can see what I did once you resume the video.

And to bring it all together, we finish off with a summary that acts as a conclusion for the lesson.


Speaking of conclusions, let's conclude this blog post which I hope you have found useful.

By including more hands-on, practical activities throughout your studies, you can drastically increase your chances of passing the Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification, and here at Get Force Certified, we have the best material available to help you pass, fast.

Check out our courses and see for yourself.