Memorisation vs Comprehension: Why you need both to pass your Salesforce Certification Exam

Jan 24 / Dave Massey

There's no question that you need to study effectively and efficiently to prepare and pass a Salesforce Certification Exam. But what is the best way to study? Should you focus on memorising all of the information, or on understanding the concepts? Well, its not that simple, you need both!

Salesforce Certification exams test your knowledge of the Salesforce platform and Salesforce products. In order to pass these exams, you need to have a strong understanding of the concepts and features. However, simply memorising the information is not enough – you also need to be able to comprehend and understand the concepts to apply them correctly. In this blog post, we'll explore why both memorisation and comprehension are essential for passing Salesforce Certification exams.

Memorisation Vs. Comprehension, whats the difference?

Memorisation and comprehension are two critical components of studying for Salesforce certifications. Memorisation is the ability to recall facts and figures, while comprehension is being able to apply what you’ve learnt to make sense of unfamiliar scenarios and business use cases.

Both are important skills that are required to pass Salesforce Certification. Focusing on memorising concepts without comprehending them can severly limit your understanding and mean that you lack the skills to tackle scenario based exam questions and real-life tasks. 

On the other hand, having a good understanding but not being able to access certain facts quickly can slow down progress or cause problems with exams. Combining both memorisation and comprehension will give you the best chance of passing your Salesforce Certification exams effectively and efficiently.

The importance of both effectively

When it comes to preparing for your Salesforce Certification exam, one of the most important steps is to be sure that you are not only memorising the material but also comprehending it. Memorising relevant facts and figures is important to remember the key points so you can recall information during the exam such as the maximum number of rows per report, or number active assignment rules.

However, it’s also essential to comprehend the material, understanding concepts together with their associated applications - this part of learning will empower you to confidently apply this knowledge in each question on the exam. Chances are that you will face many questions that will be based on understanding the concept, so truly understanding how each one works is critically important.

By combining both methods as part of your studying process you give yourself the best possible chance of passing on your first attempt!

Effective memorisation and comprehension

Passing Salesforce Certification exams requires both effective memorisation and comprehension of Salesforce concepts and features.

To achieve this, firstly understand the overall structure of the concepts from the exam guide. This includes analysing points relevant to each Section and Objective, and understanding how they relate to each other. Then, familiarise yourself with the key concepts and terminology related to the Sections and Objectives.

Add context for an even stronger understanding by connecting every concept you learn to your everyday life as much as possible. Finally, create a revision plan that will help you commit all this info to memory while also providing enough breaks so that you can fully process what’s been studied throughout the revising sessions. Doing so is highly beneficial in passing certification exams effectively.

Why a combination of both is necessary

Passing Salesforce Certification exams requires a focused effort that combines both memorising key concepts and comprehending larger more comprehensive and interwoven ones.

Memorising provides quick recall for facts, figures and details, while comprehension helps to understand the concepts and learn more deeply about how they work and when they should be used. Combining both creates a strong foundation of knowledge that can be accessed and applied during the exams.

Good comprehension skills will show your aptitude in using Salesforce, while being able to recall answers quickly through memorisation allows you to confidently approach the questions confidently.

Making the most of both approaches ensures you enter the exam feeling confident, knowing you took the time to truly learn and understand the concepts covered, not just simply ‘cram’ them beforehand.


In order to effectively pass Salesforce Certification exams, you need to both memorise and comprehend the relevant concepts and features.

Memorisation is important because it allows you to remember key details and definitions that will be on the exam.

Comprehension is necessary so that you can understand how to apply the concepts they have memorised to solve problems. Combining both memorisation and comprehension is essential for anyonelooking to pass a Salesforce exam.

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