Leeds User Group October 2022

Oct 20 / Dave Massey

One of the best things about the Salesforce Ecosystem is the wide network of like minded people that you can easily connect and share experience with. A foundation for that are Community Groups and last night I had the pleasure of being hosted by Art of Cloud to demonstrate Get Force Certified to a room full of eager Salesforce professionals who we’re more than happy to provide feedback...

How Did It Go?

Really well actually!

I was given loads of feedback about the platform and thankfully nearly all of it was positive!

There was only one bit of negative feedback which was “Why is there only the Salesforce Associate Course?!” But don’t worry we are working on the Salesforce Administrator Certification Course as we speak and that will be released in November!

What Did We Learn?

What struck me the most was the desire of the attending Trailblazers to learn, develop, and advance their Salesforce skills. Rather than just focusing on Certifications there was a strong request for broader topics such as Flows, Formulas, and Reports and Dashboards. Matt and myself knew that there was a need for these types of courses but didn’t realise just how much.

This is definitely something that we will be looking at.

Another thing that became apparent was not just the need for Salesforce professional courses and training but also the need for End User Training too, the ones who use Salesforce day in and day out without needing to know much about the back end side of things. Another interesting takeaway that we will certainly be exploring.

Any Surprises?

The biggest surprise was the feedback regarding the B2B offering that we have. We had loads of great comments about how easy it would be to add and remove Users but more importantly how easy it is to see how Users are performing, which sections and topics they have completed, and which areas they need additional support for.

This feedback wasn’t just from End Users but from Implementation Partners too.

Whats Next?

The number one question I was asked was what the next steps are for Get Force Certified? Well there is a lot of work going into the courses and our offerings but the number one is to make sure that the Salesforce Associate Certification Course produces the results required. To help teach, train, and enable students to pass the Salesforce Associate Certification in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. From the feedback we have had so far that certainly seems to be the case!

The next immediate step is the Salesforce Certified Administrator Course which will be live in November, that will include 13+ hours of Video Lessons, over 100 Cheatsheets, and over 300 Mock Exam Questions!

Then we will focus on the Platform App Builder Certification while also working on and releasing supplementary courses such as Flows, Formulas, and Reports and Dashboards.

Thank You

It was great to meet so many of you in person and to be given the opportunity to talk a little more about Get Force Certified by they guys at Art of Cloud.