Is Salesforce Worth Learning?

Sep 1 / Dave Massey

Earlier this week someone asked the question if Salesforce was still worth learning in one of the Facebook Groups that I am a member of.  The answer was an unequivocal yes, not just from me but other group members.

So why am I so confident that Salesforce is still one of the best skills to learn and forge a worthwhile career?

Well, it comes down to a couple of things, but first, let’s start with some hard facts and figures.
  • Salesforce has just been ranked the #1 CRM in the world for a 9th consecutive year, that's pretty impressive.  But even more impressive, Salesforce accounts for 23.8% of the worldwide market share. The closest competitors are SAP at 5.5% and Microsoft at 5.3%. If you combine the next four most popular CRMs worldwide, you will find that SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and Adobe only account for 19.6%, that's 4.2% less than Salesforce’s market share. What this means to you are job security and job opportunities. Learning and becoming Salesforce certified opens up a huge job market to you, and with the expected Salesforce ecosystem growth, the demand will only increase.

  • The Salesforce Ecosystem is expected to create 9.3 million jobs and $1.6 Trillion in New Business Revenue by 2026.  That's incredible and ties into the previous point of job security and job opportunities. With everything that has gone on over the last few years, cloud-related digital transformations are increasingly in demand, and Salesforce technology is at the forefront of that change. In this new world, companies need to be able to create digital HQs to account for a more remote and mobile workforce, and Salesforce has the answer to the problems they are facing. Learning Salesforce enables you to be part of that change and to secure the rewards that come with that.

  • The financial rewards within the Salesforce Ecosystem are among some of the best in the tech industry.  In the US, you can expect to earn between $90,000 - $144,500 as a Salesforce Administrator depending on experience; as a Functional Consultant, you would be looking at $115,000 - $162,750 depending on experience, and as a Technical Architect, you would be looking at between $152,000 - $193,250, again depending in experience. While there is a lot more to your career than just the financial rewards, they play an important part in your life and career decision.
Now that we have covered the more metric based reasons let's look at some of the more qualitative reasons;

  • Flexible, Remote Working Conditions - Salesforce is a cloud platform and as such can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This means that remote working is common, in fact I would say that the norm within the Salesforce Ecosystem is to work remotely. No more 60 minute commutes, no more spending a small fortune on your lunches, and no more being stuck in an office that is either too hot or too cold! This is a huge win for the vast majority of people and if you do like being in an office then most companies will be open to the idea of a split between remote and office work.
  • Friendly Culture - Salesforce has championed a welcoming and supportive culture not just within Salesforce themselves, but within the 100,000’s of customers and partners throughout the world. You’ll find that if you need help you can easily reach out to the Salesforce Ohana (Hawaiian for Family) and you will have multiple people offer their support. From Facebook groups, to LinkedIn connections, through to local user groups there is an extended network that are there when you need them.
  • Clear Progression - There is a clear progression with the profession, underpinned by experience and certifications. You’ll find that most companies consider 1 - 2 years experience as junior, 3 - 5 years as experienced, and 5 + years as senior. However, it isn’t just about experience or time in the ecosystem that allows you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and expertise. That's where certifications come in; Salesforce Certifications really do give you the opportunity to demonstrate what you are capable of. There are over 40 available certifications ranging from Administrator and Platform Developer through to the elusive Certified Technical Architect. A mix of experience and certifications is a great way to demonstrate your value and excel in your career.
  • Role Variety - Within the Salesforce Ecosystem, there is a huge range of roles, from sales and service to implementation and architecture. Whatever you fancy doing, there is a role for you. This is fantastic when you want to try something different; the skills and certifications you have spent years building will not be lost; they are easily transferable within the ecosystem and often help you with a different approach than others.
  • Fun and Rewarding - Salesforce is fun! Working with Salesforce is incredibly rewarding and fun; there are so many cool features you can set up and configure that there is always something new to learn and put into practice. These features and tools have a significant impact on clients, and when you witness what you worked on saving the client thousands of dollars, person-hours and making their life easier, it's a great feeling. It makes you feel like you are making a difference in their lives.

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